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As sold at our Field Days and Markets

Triffid Park uses and recommends these Water Plant Fertiliser Tablets which will ensure you get the best results from your water plants by providing them with a good source of essential nutrients and trace elements.  N20% P4% K8%
Encourages flowers, green foliage and healthy leaf growth on water lilies and all water plants.

FEEDING: Apply 3 times per year.
Begin feeding early spring, as the new growth starts to appear on your water plants. 
Repeat at the start of summer to encourage new flowers and healthy leaf growth.
3rd application at the start of autumn to keep healthy growth up until winter.
Do not feed over winter when plants are dormant.
Begin feeding again at the start of spring as recommended above.

TO APPLY: Drop one tablet per plant into the water near the root system.  It will slowly dissolve and become available for your plant to absorb nutrients.
Alternatively, make a hole in the soil near the plants roots and push the tablet into the hole.  Cover the hole back over with soil.  This will help stop algae using the nutrients.

FISH AND FROG FRIENDLY: we believe this product to be safe for fish and frogs as both live happily in our ponds fed by these water plant fertiliser tablets.  However use caution if needed.


Triffid Park's Water Plant Fertiliser Tablets.

Bag of 10 tablets = $5.50 including gst (minimum order = 2 bags)

Postage = $10 per 500g prepaid postage bag including gst.  I can fit up to 5 bags of tablets per 500g prepaid postage bag as each tablet is 10 grams.

Minimum order per 500g prepaid postage bag is 2 bags of tablets.  Maximum order per 500g prepaid postage bag is 5 bags of tablets.

Please use our Payment Order Form to order.  Fill in your details at the top.  Scroll down to the "Water Plant Fertiliser Tablets" section and fill in that section with how many packets of tablets you would like.  In the postage section - put $10.  Then calculate the total.
You do not need government certificates or registered insurance.