Jar Measures:

Width at top - 9cm 

Width inside top - 7cm

Height - 11cm


Suits pot size: 70mm

No hole in the bottom, so ideal to use as your water container for your carnivorous plants.


Or you could plant straight into the jar, using river pebbles at bottom to create a saucer effect, then:

For a tall Sarracenia sticking out the top, use a sphagnum peat moss/perlite mix to pot into.

Or a Drosera or Pinguicula inside the jar like a terrarium. 

For the Drosera, it depends on which variety as to which mix you use - spahgnum peat moss/perlite or sphagnum moss

For Pinguicula - use sphagnum moss to plant into.


Plant not included - decoration only

Featured plant in this pot: Sarracenia leucophylla x x mitchelliana f. white top


Please note: pots are seconds and may contain marks or blemishes.

Glass Jar with Rope Handle Pot - 02-45-00401