As used by Triffid Park for Heliamphoras, Darlingtonias, Pinguiculas etc.
Sphagnum Moss is dried. However dry moss will start to green up and grow once it is watered and fertilised over time.

This sale is for a 10 LITRE BAG OF SPHAGNUM MOSS - posted on its own with no plants.

This is a special, posted on its own, in a prepaid regular post satchel.


Please use the coupon code Prepaid Bag at check out.  This can ONLY be used for this sphagnum moss, not any plant orders.  Orders will not be posted if you use this coupon code for any other purchases.
Therefore, you will need to make a separate order for this product, if you are ordering other items as well.


Please DO NOT include this in your minimum $30 plant order.  It cannot be posted with plants.

This is due to the fact that the 10 litres of sphagnum moss fills the postage satchel entirely.

We do have Sphagnum Moss for sale in smaller quantities posted with plants.

Sphagnum Moss Dried x 10 litres in prepaid regular post satchel

  • Wet the Sphagnum Peat Moss thoroughly first in a bucket before you plant into it.  It is hard to get it to absorb water to start with, so put your hand in and mix it around, or leave to soak.  Get it nice and moist.  Then pack into your pot, and plant away.

    We recommend using perlite mixed in with your peat moss. 

    Perlite is an amorphous volcanic glass that has a relatively high water content. It has high permeability / low water retention and helps prevent soil compaction.

    This is available in small bags from Triffid Park.

    Ratio is 5 litres sphagnum peat moss to 1 litre perlite.