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Jar Measures:

Width at top - 12.5cm 

Height - 22cm

Width at tapered base - app. 8cm


No hole in the bottom, so ideal to use as your water container for your carnivorous plants, or a vase.


Or you could plant straight into the jar, using river pebbles at bottom to create a saucer effect, then:

For a tall Sarracenia sticking out the top, use a sphagnum peat moss/perlite mix to pot into.

Or a Drosera or Pinguicula inside the jar like a terrarium. 

For the Drosera, it depends on which variety as to which mix you use - spahgnum peat moss/perlite or sphagnum moss

For Pinguicula - use sphagnum moss to plant into.


Plant not included - decoration only

Featured plant in this pot: Sarracenia x Willisii x leucophylla


Please note: pots are seconds and may contain marks or blemishes.

Glass Jar Green with Rope Handle Diamond Pattern Pot

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