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Triffid Park is an accredited nursery and we can mail order to all states of Australia, except NO plants into the N.T.. 

For N.T. please read below under "Government Certificates".

DO NOT order, as plants will NOT be posted to anywhere OUT of Australia.  Scroll down to end of the page for more information on this, as well as Book and Orchid Badge Orders out of Australia.


If you send us an email or order, please allow us about one week to answer you before you resend it.  Donna has to answer all the emails and pick out the orders. She does usually answer within a day or two, but sometimes she cannot answer all the emails immediately she receives them.  Thank-you.

SHIPMENT TIME: Once we receive payment, we usually post orders off to our customers within a couple of working days, usually up to 2 weeks, depending on our schedule.  We post using Australia Post, so most parcels should be delivered within a few days of being posted, WA and Tas can take up to a week.    Postage days vary each week, depending on our schedule, as shipments that we send on trucks to retail nurseries, have to go when we are told that the truck is picking up from us.  Do NOT expect parcels to be posted on a Monday.  Quite often it is a Friday once we have finished all of our nursery orders for the week.  We have been posting all over the world for over 20 years.  We have a good way of packing the plants to ensure they survive the post for at least 2-3 weeks.



ALL plants are sent loose/bare rooted. We take all plants from their pots and shake off the excess peat moss that they are growing in.  We then wrap the roots in moist sphagnum moss (except Sarracenias which will last 4 weeks bare rooted). The plants are wrapped in plastic bags to keep the roots moist, with their name tags tied to each bag. All bags are then placed in a cardboard box and posted to you by Australia Post.  We DO NOT ship plants in pots, so make sure you have the correct pots and potting medium to pot them when you receive them, or you can order these through our Sundries page.


If your parcel is being sent to a unit or apartment, please make sure you write the word UNIT or APARTMENT in your address line, otherwise the unit or apartment number will be deleted by the system.  I/E.

YES - Unit 3/4 Triffid Street

YES - Apartment 3, 4 Triffid Street

NO - 3/4 Triffid Street

Our minimum order is preferably $30 of goods (plus postage costs) to cover packing, paperwork and driving to post office, which is why orders under $30 incur a higher postage rate - see below.

Government Certificate charges are added at checkout to postage prices to S.A., W.A., N.T. and Tas.   See below under "Government Certificates".


Postage costs are worked out on a ratio of the plant cost - NOT what Australia Post charge. This cost covers Postage, Packaging, Staff handling, Signature on Delivery Registered Post (this is not included in the Aus Post price sticker on the box), driving to the post office, gst, outside payment provider fees etc.  We cannot know the weight of plants prior to packaging due to each order being unique, the time of year i.e dormancy or growing season (plants are different sizes and weights etc, therefore a ratio cost is listed below.  You are ordering our plants knowing this is the cost of postage and handling, so please do not complain later if the price on the Aus Post postage label does not match what you paid.


Our Shopping Cart does not have enough options to keep adding postage costs over $320 worth of goods.  So any orders over this amount will look like shipping is Free.  However this is not the case.

For all orders over $320 - please view shipping amounts below.  This will need to be added to your payment. Orders will not be sent, if shipping amount is not correct. Please go to Postage Options at:

Scroll down the Postage Options page and select the correct shipping cost for your state, and the goods amount that the Shopping Cart has totaled.  Select this, and add to your shopping cart.

PLEASE NOTE: if you want to select Express Post, then you must choose a regular postage cost, plus add the Express Post option as well - see next section as well.

PLEASE NOTE: Government certificate charges for S.A., W.A. and Tas will be added to these postage costs at checkout.  Please see below for "Government Certificates".


$0 - $30 = $20

$31 - $50 = $16

$51 - $80 = $20

$81 - $120 = $24

$121 - $160 = $28

$161 - $200 = $32

$201 - $240 = $36

$241 - $280 = $40

$281 - $320 = $44

$321 - $360 = $48 - see above for "Orders over $320"

$361 - $400 = $52

$401 - $440 = $56

$441 - $480 = $60

$481 - $520 = $64

$521 - $560 = $68

$561 - $600 = $72

$601 - $640 = $76

$641 - $680 = $80

$681 - $720 = $84

$721 - $760 = $88

$761 - $800 = $92

$801 - $840 = $96

$841 - $880 = $100

$881 - $920 = $104

$921 - $960 = $108

$961 - $1000 = $112

Orders over $1000, please request a freight quote.


$0 - $30 = $22

$31 - $50 = $18

$51 - $80 = $22

$81 - $120 = $26

$121 - $160 = $30

$161 - $200 = $34

$201 - $240 = $38

$241 - $280 = $42

$281 - $320 = $46

$321 - $360 = $50 - see above for "Orders over $320"

$361 - $400 = $54

$401 - $440 = $58

$441 - $480 = $62

$481 - $520 = $66

$521 - $560 = $70

$561 - $600 = $74

$601 - $640 = $78

$641 - $680 = $82

$681 - $720 = $86

$721 - $760 = $90

$761 - $800 = $94

$801 - $840 = $98

$841 - $880 = $102

$881 - $920 = $106

$921 - $960 = $110

$961 - $1000 = $114

Orders over $1000, please request a freight quote.


Express Post and Insurance options are available on our Postage Options tab.  To choose Express Post, click on the appropriate Express Post listing for your plant total to add it to your Shopping Cart.

This option does NOT guarantee next business day postage from Triffid Park.  Each order is put in line as it is received and filled as soon as we can. 

The Express Post Option is for Australia Post's delivery service after we have posted your order.

PLEASE NOTE: if you want to select Express Post, then you must choose a regular postage cost as above, plus add the Express Post option as well.

PLEASE NOTE:  Triffid Park will NOT be held responsible for the length of time that Australia Post takes to deliver.  We will NOT replace plants due to time in the the mail. 
Australia Post does not insure live plants, only for loss or damage.

We CAN NOT follow up on lost or delayed parcels.  You need to do this from your end with the tracking number that you receive.




Triffid Park is an accredited nursery to send plants to all states of Australia - except N.T.
We have twice yearly inspections of our nursery to comply with these strict laws from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, and have to complete Plant Health Assurance Certificates for every plant order being sent to SA, Tas, and WA which are monitored. 
All plants being sent to TAS, and W.A. have to be sprayed with 4 chemicals - fungicides and insecticides which are safe for carnivorous plants.  The cost of this is added at check out under "Handling Fee Charges" gst included.

South Australia - $5

 TAS, W.A. - $10

Vic, NSW, ACT and Qld do not require any government certificates and plants can be sent into these states legally without them.

Unfortunately we cannot send plants into the N.T. due to different legal requirements.  We can send books, pots, badges, labels etc to the N.T. that do not require quarantine.

☺ Mastercard and Visa. When you proceed to the first part of Check Out, where you view your shopping cart, click on the ADD NOTE/ CREDIT CARD DETAILS line, and a box will open.  Please enter your card number, expiry date and CCV in the box. If you don't put it in there, you will have to come back to that page.

It is hard for us to match up separate emails with orders as they come through 2 different programs, and often get missed, so better if you can add it to the Notes box.

Then at Check Out - click the Button that says CHECK OUT - bank deposit or Credit Card

☺ Paypal - The checkout page will direct you to Paypal where you can log in and pay us direct.

Would you like a FREE Drosera??

YES, then at Check Out - click the Button that says CHECK OUT - bank deposit or credit card.  Manually log into your own Pay Pal account.

Click on the SEND & REQUEST button.

Put in our email address of

Click NEXT.

Put in the amount of your purchase.  Don't forget to add postage if it is over $320 and doesn't show up in checkout.

Then there is a blue bar that says "Paying for an item or service"  Or "Change".  Click the "Change" button.

This will bring up another screen where you can click on the "SENDING TO A FRIEND" button.
It's that easy and I will send you a FREE Drosera

Sending to a "Friend" through Paypal - there is no Pay Pal commission fee. Going direct to Pay Pal from the Check Out we get charged a 4% transaction fee on your order from Pay Pal - so no free plant.  

☺ Direct into our bank account.  Bank account details are on the Check Out page if you tick the black CHECKOUT box and then MANUAL PAYMENT in step 3, or as follows:
BSB Number: 733 686
Account Number: 739 456
Please put your name as the deposit reference.

Would you like a FREE Drosera??  YES... I will send you a FREE Drosera, as per Paypal above, if you pay direct into our bank account, as there are no fees for us.  So we both win....

Overseas transfers - please add an extra $12 for bank charges.
Swift Code (for international deposits): WPACAU2S

All parcels are sent by Australia Post using Signature on Delivery.  The Signature on Delivery cost of $3.00 is included in postage prices. This gives you the customer a guarantee that we have posted the parcel and us at Triffid Park a guarantee that you have received it.  

If you are not home to receive the parcel, Australia Post will leave a card for you to collect the parcel from the post office.  Parcels cannot be left on door steps, as they have to be signed for.  We will always email you with the registered postage barcode number once the parcel is posted which you can track at Australia Post.      
If you do not want this service, please let me know in the
ADD A NOTE section at Check Out. 
Please note: Triffid Park will not be help responsible for lost parcels.

Optional, but recommended as Triffid Park will not cover lost plants. 

This cost gives you peace of mind, that if your parcel goes missing, you are financially covered to replace your order.

Australia Post covers the loss for the first $100 worth of goods.

Extra Postage Cover Insurance is $2.50 for every $100 or part there of, worth of goods and postage, over the first $100 worth.   You need to purchase this from our On Line Shop in the POSTAGE OPTIONS tab.

CLAIMS - Damaged or Missing Stock:
All claims for damaged stock, or missing stock MUST be made within seven days of receiving your parcel.  The "Received" date will be taken from the date identified on the Australia Post website as "delivered", due to the fact that your parcel has to be signed for on delivery. 

Damaged Stock - please send photos of damaged stock straight after receiving, not weeks later, so I can identify if this is a packing problem at our end, or unfortunately potting or watering problem at your end.
Missing Stock - please contact us immediately so that we can still remember your order, as I usually have a pretty good recall of what I have actually packed in each parcel if an item is claimed as "missing".

We have a 3 way checking system to pack orders, so please look carefully through all packaging first.  If you order 2 or more of one item, they are usually packaged in the same bag.


All orders are hand picked with the best quality plants that we have available at the time of processing each order.  Due to Australia’s strict quarantine laws from state to state, we cannot accept back any plants once posted to you. You must accept our decision of quality of plants sent to you. We can also not be held responsible for loss of plants due to postage delays.


Request for cancellation of an order with payment made through Paypal will be refunded less the Paypal transaction fee.


The Carnivorous Plants that we sell to garden centres and florists around Australia are sold as un-named plants.  This is so that we can sell them cheaper to the nurseries than named varieties - we can grow them in bulk benches, and our staff don’t have to worry about each named variety.  Unfortunately we cant spend time identifying plants that we have sold cheaply (we know you will have paid more by the time they add freight and their margin). 
If you want named varieties, you should purchase direct from us, or view the pictures on our web site and try and identify yourself.

The prices listed on our web site are for one plant or 1000 plants (unless otherwise stated). These are the prices that we must sell the plants for to cover our costs, when taking into consideration water, fertiliser, pots, peat moss, electricity, gas, land rates, staff wages etc. etc..We do not give further discounts to anyone - these are the prices that all our customers pay. Please Do Not ask for a discount as refusal often offends.


Unfortunately we cannot mail order Truffle Trees, so for these you will need to contact one of our stockists in your area, who can order them in from us, for you.  Otherwise, let me know where you are, and I will see if I can point you in the right direction. 


Unfortunately we cannot export our plants out of Australia.
Please Do Not ask, as we no longer have the government permits to export, and cannot get them.  After over 25 years of exporting, we had to close down this side of our business.  The cost and effort of Government paper work is out of control.
Even if your country does not require permits, we still have to have CITES permits to prove that we did not harvest the plants illegally.  Again, we do not have these as the Government paper work is too excessive.
If you purchase from out of Australia, I can only refund you the Paypal payment that I receive, which will be less the fees.  So DO NOT order.



We can still export Books and Orchid Badges our of Australia.

Please ask for a postage price to your country BEFORE ordering, as Book and Orchid Badge prices DO NOT include postage.  The Shopping Cart is not set up with postage prices for out of Australia, so it will look like Free Postage, however this is NOT the case.  I will need to get a quote from the Post Office for you.

Contact Us

Thank you for your inquiry.

We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Regards Donna and Jason

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