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Please click on the links above to find a retail stockist of our plants in your state or capital territory.

Some stockists only purchase our Water Plants, some our Carnivorous Plants and some purchase both.  So you never know what you might find.

However they all have the ability to order any of the plants from our Wholesale page, so you can always ask them to order an item in for you.

The Carnivorous Plants that we sell to garden centres and florists around Australia are sold as generic un-named plants.   We keep the botanically named plants for mail order only.  We do not botanically name these plants, so that we can offer them at a cheaper price to the nurseries and florists than our named varieties - we can grow them in bulk benches, and our staff don’t have to worry about each named variety. 

Unfortunately we can not spend time identifying plants by email photos that we have sold to our stockists.
If you want botanically named varieties, you should purchase direct from us by mail order or at a field day, or view the pictures on our web site and try to identify them yourself.

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