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A great party idea for a totally different party activity.
Why not let each guest pot up their own carnivorous plant to take home and care for.
Great for SCHOOL PROJECTS in class or at home.

Little Shop of Horrors - Monster High - Monster themes - Halloween - Harry Potter


If you are purchasing this pack for a specific party date, please check with me first that I will have time to post it to reach you in time for your party. 
Please don't just assume that because you order it, I will be able to post it straight away.


Pack contains:

15 x Venus fly traps (Dionaea muscipula)
15 x 70mm plastic pots
7.5 litres sphagnum peat moss/perlite mix
15 x venus fly trap labels
15 x information sheets
+ for the birthday boy or girl (or maybe a present for a game)
1 Sarracenia pitcher plant
1 x 100mm plastic pot

1 x Sarracenia plant label
1 extra litre sphagnum peat moss/perlite mix

The plants will all arrive to you bare/loose rooted, wrapped in moist moss - ready to pot up..

When you receive your sphagnum peat moss, it will be a dry substance.  Put it in a bucket of water and allow it to absorb the water, until the pale brown peat turns a dark brown color.  Do not try and pot with it while it is dry.  The children might enjoy using their hands to squash the water into the peat!


This pack is for 15 children/items.  We also have a pack available for 10 children/items.  You can just order as many packs as you require to make up the total amount desired.

We also have a Party Pack with a childrens book included.  It would make a nice birthday present or class reader.  Please see our other listings.


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