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This sale is for 1 x Pack 2 (15 litre) bag of Propagating Sand 2-5mm grit

PLEASE NOTE:  This bag can not be posted.  The sale is for pick up ONLY.

Please email to make an appointment to pick up from our nursery.

You can pay cash on pick up if this suits you - $14.


If paying by bank account or Paypal before you pick up - Please use the coupon code Prepaid Bag at check out.  This will take the postage off the item.  This can ONLY be used for this bag of propagating sand, not any plant orders.  Orders will not be posted if you use this coupon code for any other purchases.

Therefore, you will need to make a separate order for this product, if you are ordering any items to be posted. 


You can use Propagating Sand mixed in with your Sphagnum Peat Moss for potting carnivorous plants such as Dionaea Muscipula, Sarracenia, Drosera and Cephalotus.
Propagating Sand is a coarse grade sand that is ideal for cuttings, cactus and orchid back bulbs and to add to heavy clay soils to improve the drainage and prevent the clay particles sticking together. As some seeds require stimulation to germinate, Propagating Sand provides a gritty, sandy growing medium that abrades the seed surface and encourages roots to grow into the compost. Add Propagating Sand to your sowing mix for enhanced results with difficult seeds.



Propagating Sand Pack 2 (15 litre) bag - Pick up Only - No postage

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