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Suitable for Venus Fly Traps and Drosera.

This listing is ideal if you are purchasing one Venus fly trap or Drosera to send as a gift to a friend or family member.

Not suitable for Sarracenias, the pot is too small.  Chose our other listing with a 120mm pot.

Please make sure you share the Growing Information listed to the recipient.

All of our plants are sent bare/loose rooted, so your recipient will need something to pot the plant in when they recieve it.
The one litre of Carnivorous Plant Potting Medium includes Sphagnum Peat Moss with Perlite mixed in.


1 Litre Carnivorous Plant Mixture and 1 x 100mm pot

  • The following information is a general rule to caring for: 

    Venus Fly Traps (Dionaea Muscipula), Sarracenias (pitcher plants) and Droseras (Sundews)

    REPOTTING: Use the carnivorous plant potting mix provided to pot your plant in. It will be a dry substance when you receive it. Put it in a bucket of water and allow it to absorb the water, until the pale brown peat turns a dark brown color. Do not try and pot with it while it is dry. You may need to use your hands to squash the water into the mix.  DO NOT use any other potting mediums.

    WATERING: Do not ever let your Carnivorous Plant dry out.  During Spring, Summer and

    Autumn sit it in a saucer of water, changing the water frequently. The water should cover the drainage holes of the pot.  In winter do not let the plant dry out but don’t leave it sitting in water all the time.

    FERTILIZING:  Do not fertilize with flys or insects.  You will end up killing your plant this way.  You can give it some Powerfeed (made by Seasol) at 2ml to one litre of water every 6-8 weeks through the growing season.  Put this mixture in the dish of water and the plant can drink it up.

    LIGHT:  A window sill inside the house that gets morning sun in summer and afternoon sun in winter is an excellent position.  Otherwise you can grow them in a terrarium,  greenhouse, glasshouse or porch.

    HUMIDITY:  Carnivorous Plants like humidity.  A terrarium or glasshouse will provide this.  But a warm sunny window sill will give you enough heat for the plant to survive.

    DORMANCY:  During winter your Venus fly trap, Sarracenia and Droseras will go into their dormancy period.  They will stop growing and may even die back.  Do not worry.  This is a natural occurrence.  Cut off any dead leaves/pitchers at the base of the plant.  In spring the plants will send up their new leaves/pitchers.

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