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Welcome to Triffid Park

Triffid Park is owned and operated by Jason and Donna Smith.

We have been servicing the Australian public with quality Carnivorous Plants and Water Plants since 1st April 2007, on our 15 acre property in Somerville, Victoria, Australia, on the Mornington Peninsula.  Here a brand new, modern, high tech, world class nursery was built, after moving from their previous property.



RETAIL:  Retail sales are available from our extensive on line mail order web site.

Please click on the RETAIL MAIL ORDER link above for more information.

Triffid Park is NOT a retail shop open to the public for walk in sales.
We are accredited to mail order to all states of Australia.  
Unfortunately we CANNOT export our plants out of Australia. We do not have the permits and we will not be getting the permits, so please do not ask, as the answer is still NO.

We DO NOT sell seeds.

Alternatively, drop into your local garden centre and inquire

about Water Plants and Carnivorous Plants from Triffid Park.




Triffid Park is a member of the Nursery and Garden Industry of Victoria, holding a stand at their monthly Trade Days from September through to May each year. 
We are accredited and can send plants via a freight company to Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania and South East Queensland.


Contact Us

Thank you for your inquiry.

We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Regards Donna and Jason



Jason and Donna Smith
Mornington Peninsula, Victoria


If you have questions regarding growing carnivorous plants and problems faced, we usually get asked the same or similar questions. 
You will find most answers to your questions on our Growing Carnivorous Plant's page.  If you have read all of this information and still need help, then please don't hesitate to email us.


PHONE: Unfortunately we cannot receive/return phone calls for retail enquiries/questions.  We don't have a dedicated office staff member, so it is best if you send an email and it can be answered at a convenient time for us after we have checked the answer with the correct staff member.

Triffid Park is NOT open to the public for sales and viewing.


If you send us an email or order, please allow us about one week to answer you before you resend it. 
Donna has to answer all the emails and pick out and pack all the orders, as well as many other things to do around the nursery, so she cannot answer all the emails immediately she receives them. 
Please make sure that the subject line in your email is filled in and has something to do with carnivorous plants or similar, so that we can identify it.


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